Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Video Catches UFO Taking Off From The Moon

Footage has emerged that proves extraterrestrial life inhabit the moon.In the clip, the narrator explains that he has discovered something groundbreaking while watching a feed from the SELENE Lunar Orbiter. The Selenological and Engineering Explore — also known as Kaguya – is the second Japanese spacecraft to orbit the moon’s surface. But according to online theories, the machine may have picked up proof of alien life during its excavation. The narrator says: “I discovered a point where they were flying over the massive crater and it appears something is caught flying up out of it.” The video then shows a red ring around something that appears to take off from the moon's surface. He also shows a zoomed in angle that shows the subject “swimming” into space. The man adds: “It’s almost like a fish — it speeds up and slows down and then speeds up again.” The video was uploaded to YouTube channel secureteam10 yesterday and has already racked up more than 380,000 hits. And viewers were astonished. One comment read: “Wow that footage is amazing.” And another added: “I’ve been doing UFO research since I was a child and It's hard to impress me now, but I swear that moon clip is an actual animal on the moon, that's wild.”

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Strange ‘Angelic Being’ Caught On Camera Outside Synagogue

An alleged ‘supernatural sighting’ outside the gates of T.B. Joshua’s Lagos-based Church has triggered debate on social media. A video uploaded to Emmanuel TV’s YouTube Channel, which has subsequently gone viral, shows an onlooker outside The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) recording the entrance of the church whilst inside a stationary vehicle. Suddenly, a flashy figure in white is seen mysteriously crossing the road and entering inside the Church premises. The anonymous sender of the footage, whose accent suggests he is of Ghanaian origin, is heard telling his colleague that he actually saw the strange movement.

Joshua’s social media channels requested reactions from viewers, the overwhelming majority asserting that the figure was an ‘angel’ caught on camera. “I have watched the video 20 times,” wrote a commenter known as ‘Baty’ on YouTube who described himself as a professional graphics editor. “This is not a reflection of any sought, neither is it editing; it’s a pure angel,” he concluded, citing the height of the ‘being’ and the speed of its movement. Nnadi Uchenna contributed: “What I saw was not a reflection of any glass or shadow. It was actually a moving transparent object in human shape… For me, it is an angel of God.” However, not all were in agreement. “Not all ghost-like creatures are angels; that doesn’t look angelic to me,” opined Iugano Jackson, corroborated by some who suggested it could even be the ‘work of demons’.
Others were more skeptical, suggesting it was either camera trickery, the work of computer generated imagery or merely the reflection from the vehicle’s glass. To followers of Joshua, however, the video was largely lauded as an authenticating sign. “The Synagogue Church Of All Nations is not just an ordinary building or a cinema or a historical sculpture,” tweeted Andy Lawrence. “To those whom God will open their eyes will see the angels there!”

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Eerie Skull-Shaped ‘Halloween Death Asteroid’ Will Return To Earth Next Year

A skull-shaped asteroid that whizzed past Earth around the night of Halloween 2015 will fly by our planet again, this time in November 2018. Back in mid-October 2015, a group of astronomers using the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii discovered a weird asteroid that had an uncanny resemblance to a human skull when seen in the right lighting. The overall shape and features -- 'eyes' and 'nose' -- of the object looked a lot similar to that of a real human skull. Things got even creepier when a few weeks later around Halloween night, the spooky space object, measuring about 2250-2300ft in size, made its closest approach, zipping past Earth at a distance of about 486,000 km or about 1.3 times the distance to the moon. Now, the same asteroid, officially dubbed 2015 TB145, is set to make a comeback. The object, according to a report in Phys.org, is currently 3.7AU away and will zip past Earth sometime in November 2018. This time, however, it will make a much farther approach, estimated to be 105 times the distance between Earth and Moon.
During Halloween asteroid's last flyby, astronomers from NASA and different parts of the world used different telescopes to capture its images and study its characteristics. Calling it an Apollo-type near-Earth asteroid, Astrophysicist Pablo Santos-Sanz from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC) revealed the techniques they used to capture the object. "On the one hand, we used optical telescopes from the Sierra Nevada Observatory in Granada, the Calar Alto Observatory in Almería and the La Hita Observatory in Toledo; and on the other, we analysed it in the mid-infrared using the Very Large Telescope (VLT) VISIR instrument at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Cerro Paranal, Chile." Their observations revealed that the asteroid carries shape of a slightly flattened ellipsoid and "is very dark, only slightly more reflective than charcoal". The return of the weird space object in 2018 has given Santos-Sanz and other astronomers another opportunity to study and discern its characters. "Although this approach shall not be so favourable, we will be able to obtain new data which could help improve our knowledge of this mass and other similar masses that come close to our planet," the researcher says. After this, the skull-shaped asteroid will appear in 2088, zooming past Earth by 20 lunar distances.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Another Human Foot Washes Ashore In Canada. That Makes 13

The exceptionally high tides this time of the year off British Columbia can turn the rocky western coast of Vancouver Island into a graveyard. Bones from gray whales, sea lions and killer whales wash ashore, piling on the beach along fallen evergreens. But on Thursday morning, Taz, a 6-year-old Rottweiler, sensed something different about a bone tangled in a bed of kelp. Taz darted away from her owner, Mike Johns, to inspect it, sniffing a piece that jutted out on a beach in the hamlet of Jordan River. Her instincts were right. Mr. Johns followed behind her and pushed away the kelp, revealing his dog’s find: a tibia and fibula attached to a left human foot with a white ankle sock in a black running shoe. In any other part of the world, a sneaker with a human foot washing ashore might be a terrifying discovery, enough to frighten residents and stir fears of a gruesome murder or a serial killer on the loose. But not in British Columbia, where these discoveries have become so common that they are tracked. It was the 13th foot to wash ashore since 2007. “It’s just a freak thing that it happened to be here,” said Mr. Johns, 56, who lives in Jordan River, a surfer’s village about 70 miles southwest of Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Johns said he called the police and then used a stick to pick up what remained of the leg, carried it back to his property and locked it in his greenhouse. He worried that if it remained on the beach, it would have washed back into the ocean or attracted the bear hanging around town or an eagle from the nearby nest. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police retrieved the remains on Friday, the authorities said, and they are being inspected by the Coroners Service of British Columbia.
“We’ll try to get a DNA sample,” said Andy Watson, a spokesman for the service. During winter months, British Columbia experiences what are known as “king tides,” unusually high tides that can cause coastal flooding. The tides, along with strong currents and the fact that shoes are buoyant, mean that the remains could belong to someone as far north as Alaska or as far south as Oregon, Mr. Watson said. “Our search won’t stay in Canada,” he said. Mr. Watson said it was too soon to determine how the person died. Since the first severed foot was discovered in August 2007, the cases have caught the attention and imagination of Canadians across the country. By July 2008, five feet had been retrieved in the Strait of Georgia, part of the Pacific Ocean between Vancouver and Washington State. The 12th foot was discovered in February 2016, a right foot in a black and blue New Balance sneaker that was found about 20 miles west of last Thursday’s discovery. (One foot discovered in 2008 turned out to be a hoax.) At first, people’s theories for how the feet came to their final resting spot ran from the logical to the hysterical. Maybe they died in a plane crash or fell overboard, some surmised, or they were dumped in the ocean by a serial killer or human traffickers. But in reality, the explanations were far less sinister. The authorities have identified eight of the 12 feet as belonging to six people, and none died by foul play. Investigators determined that the six people identified so far died in accidents or committed suicide, Mr. Watson said. Joshua Constandinou, who owns the Cold Shoulder Cafe in Jordan River, about a half-mile from the site of the foot, said residents were not rattled by the discovery. “At the beginning, it seemed more strange, but now it happens so many times,” Mr. Constandinou said. He said that people understood that science could explain the mysteries. “It makes sense to me that if a body is in the ocean and decomposes, you end up with a shoe that floats and an ankle where it would disconnect from the tibia and fibula,” Mr. Constandinou said. “That is what they are finding on the beaches.”

Saturday, December 2, 2017

3 Things The Devil Will Do To Try And Spoil Your Christmas

Christmas is a time for us to remember what God has done by sending His one and only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to save us. That said, the enemy will always try to ruin this time of remembrance and thanksgiving unto God. But how will the enemy do it? How will he spoil your Christmas celebrations? Here are a few ways how.

1) By directing the focus towards something else

The enemy has been diverting people's attention away from Jesus on the very holiday He ought to be remembered. The enemy has been at this for many years making Christmas more and more about family and gifts and less and less about Jesus. And yet many of us fail to see it. At times, we are distracted by wrong beliefs such as Santa Claus. At times we are distracted by the thought of great (yes, expensive) holiday vacations. At times we are distracted by the Christmas shopping rush, so much so that we end up stressed and with our focus taken away from Jesus.

2) By causing all sorts of unnecessary pressure and trouble

The enemy also loves to put heavy and unnecessary burdens on our shoulders, and Christmas time is no exception. Where I'm from, for example, people tend to prepare great feasts every Christmas. And so, when people aren't doing well in the area of finances, the Christmas season becomes a burden, not a joy to celebrate anymore. Some will even borrow money just to prepare something great to eat, which then results in another problem. Have you ever experienced the pressure of preparing the best Christmas party at home on a tight budget? Have you ever felt the pressure of making sure the kids have gifts and the relatives are pleased? If you have, then you know what I'm talking about. These things are all important to some extent, but remember this: God wants you first and foremost to rejoice in the birth of His Son this Christmas and there are lots of ways this can be done without spending a lot or anything at all, for example by going to free carol concerts and Christmas Day church services, or sitting down to read the Nativity story together. There's no shame in asking other guests to chip in with the cost of the Christmas Day dinner - maybe by having a potluck dinner and asking everyone to bring something, for example - or giving inexpensive gifts to the grown-ups in the family so that the kids get something decent. Satan is smart when it comes to getting us all stressed out over things that don't matter half as much as we think they do.

3) By causing disappointment

Lastly, Christmas is a time wherein we should remember that the Lord Jesus Christ came to earth, taking the form of a servant who was born in a lowly place away from public applause. It's supposed to be a time when we remember just how much God loved us. The enemy, however, will want to distract us from the simplicity of Christmas by making us hope for many things we really don't need. Some, especially children, expect to receive Christmas gifts from family and friends. Some workers hope to receive a Christmas bonus. All of us long to have a "merry" Christmas. But we don't always get what we hoped for and end up disappointed. Friends, the enemy will do all that he can to distract us from seeing Christ this Christmas. Let us not allow him to do that by simply focusing on the real reason why there's Christmas in the first place: God. When we have a real encounter with Jesus at Christmas, everything else will fade in comparison.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Rocking Horse Is 'Moved And Thrown Across Room By Ghosts Of Children In Haunted Antiques Shop

An antiques dealer claims a Bambi rocking horse mysteriously moved by itself before being thrown off the showroom shelf - by the ghosts of little children. Daniel Parker came into work at Barnsley Antiques Centre, South Yorks, to find the 1960s toy lying on the shop floor. The 45-year-old quickly rewound one of the store's 24-hour CCTV cameras to discover the toy begin eerily moving despite nothing being near it. After being plagued by hundreds of unexplained events in his two years owning the shop, customers suggest it is the ghosts of little children - however, the dad of two remains sceptical. Daniel said: "It was just completely bizarre - and I'm a sceptic. "It just starts slowly rocking - just stopping and starting and then it flips off, as if someone is getting off the toy.
"As soon as I found it on the floor I immediately went to rewind the CCTV to see what it was. "The thing is I've tried recreating the movement. I've tried moving the toy backwards and forwards in the way that it does on film, but it's just impossible to recreate it. "That movement just looks like it would have to be somebody on it. There's absolutely no explanation." Daniel says he bought the toy for £100 after seeing it on Facebook, thinking it would be good for the shop window display. "Whatever is making it move, it's not evil. About 85% of people who speculate say it's probably the ghosts of children. "Some have said it's a poltergeist but it can't be because it's not hurt anybody. "We get people saying spirits have talked to them in store. We don't know what to believe. "We get people all the time coming in and asking if they can set up their paranormal equipment to try and investigate to see if there's any spooky goings on."
The site was allegedly an old mill in the eighteenth century - and a babycare store before Daniel set up shop. He said: "People have seen the video on social media and say that it's the ghosts of dead children scurrying around. "We had another incident that was quite popular locally. We had a cabinet just explode without explanation. We also had some pictures move on the walls.' He also said when his daughter Kacey was about 11 she ran screaming from the shop basement after going down there for a wander. "I said 'what's up, what's up?' and she said 'an arm reached out to grab me'," he said. "I said 'there's nothing there, there's nothing there'. I'm still a sceptic but there's just no explanation for any of it. "They do say that the mill owner who worked on the old mill on the site in the 1800s died here - he hanged himself in the 1960s apparently - just five steps away from where we are right now. "But, if you ask me, I'm still a sceptic about the whole thing."

Monday, August 7, 2017

Massive Green Orb Shaped UFO Spotted In Sky Above 'Sacred Mountain'

UFO hunters have captured a mysterious eerie orb creeping silently through a forest in Canada. Rob Freeman and Marcus McNabb went searching for extraterrestrial life around Squamish, in British Colombia, after locals told them about weird-goings on in the area. Rob, a senior field researcher for the Centre for the Scientific Study of Atmospheric Anomalies, said the sighting is the best footage they’ve recorded to date.
It shows a bright circular light darting above Stawamus Chief before seemingly shining through trees as if they were see-through. "Several locals said orbs have been spotted above "The Chief" at Squamish, so we set-up within view of the granite monolith, the second biggest of it's kind in the world, Rob told Mirror Online. "At 10.59pm, this huge yellowish white ball of light appeared out of nowhere and then proceeded to go into the woods. "Thanks to Breslin Martin of our group for spotting it so I could film it with my night vision scope. "It moved 100% silently.
"Note how any trees in front of the orb block the light, while trees behind the orb are lit up big time." Rob and Marcus have travelled to 11 countries over three years in search for alien life after being inspired by a childhood experience, reports Squamish Chief. To collect data, the crew used night imaging technology, as well as a camera fondly called the “weapon of mass detection.” Rob said when they first spotted the orb on July 22 they thought it was an airplane. “The trees behind the orb were all lit up,” he explained. “That means it was in front of the trees.”

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mysterious Creature With 'Long Snout, No Hair' Is Stalking Pets In California

Residents of a southern California neighborhood claimed the mythical ‘chupacabra’ is stalking their pets. Cary Shuker, a Riverside, California resident, said one morning his cat ran into his home scared of something. He described the animal standing outside his home as a hairless creature with a tail like a rat or a possum, pinkish skin and jagged teeth. He added it was “at least two feet or more longer than the biggest coyote you’ve ever seen.” “The thing was standing out there, looking at me. It was the ugliest looking thing,” said Shuker, a private contractor living at the base of Box Springs Mountain. “I yelled at it, in a big deep voice, ‘Get out of here! I stole its breakfast. It was hunting my cat.’” “This wasn’t no coyote, by any means,” he added. Other Box Springs Mountain residents had similar encounters with the mysterious creature with a ‘long snout’ and ‘no hair.’ Some said they think the animal following their pets is the mythical chupacabra, whose name means ‘goat sucker’ in Spanish. The name was first coined when a Puerto Rican woman named Madelyne Tolentino saw the creature outside her window.
Sightings have since then been reported in parts of Latin America and the United States. However, experts said the ‘chupacabra’ is most likely a canine afflicted with mange, a parasitic skin disease that can cause hair loss from frantic scratching. In February of 2016, another Southern California community reported chupacabra sightings, according to local news at the time. Researchers reported the alleged chupacabra was actually a coyote affected by mange. Lauren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Maine, concluded the creature roaming Box Springs Mountain was most likely a coyote or canine affected with mange. A DNA test from the animal’s saliva could prove the animal is a coyote or another similar animal. “People label dog-like cryptic beasts ‘Chupacabras’ because they love mysteries, and it’s the hip thing to do,” she said. “The chupacabra is not a recognized species by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Chupacabras are not a thing,” said Andrew Hughnan, spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. According to Hughnan, his department received one or two calls a year from residents claiming they have seen a chupacabra. Box Springs Mountain residents continued claims that the animal around their neighborhood is too large to be a coyote, an animal with which they’re familiar from years of living in the area. “It sounds like the craziest, made-up story,” Shuker said. “But it’s not.”

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mystery Creature Spotted In Scottish Countryside

A mystery animal which was pictured in the Stirlingshire countryside is feared to be a huge monitor lizard. There was much speculation after the creature was photographed by Jimmy Wright while he was out walking his dog on Crow Hill, Killearn. Some felt the animal looked prehistoric and that Stirlingshire could be giving the Loch Ness monster a run for its money.
However, after seeing a photo of the creature on the Daily Record website, Richard Pigram, 67, from Nottinghamshire got in touch to say he thought the animal was a monitor lizard. As these long-necked lizards can grow up to 10 feet and are potentially quite dangerous, he was keen to warn the Scottish public. Richard said: "People have them as pets but they can bite people. "If it's true, I think people should take it seriously. It's a dangerous animal." The lizards are also venomous with bites resulting in swelling and bleeding. We sent the picture of the mystery creature to Edinburgh Zoo to see if they could shed any light on Richard's theory. Unfortunately the picture was not clear enough for anyone there to identify whether the creature is a monitor lizard or not. The Scottish SPCA could also not identify the creature.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Are Sea Monsters Real? Loch Ness Monster-Like Creature Filmed Emerging From Water

Viewers of a video showing a large "Loch Ness Monster-like" creature moving in water have questioned if it proves sea monsters are real. In the remarkable footage, said to have been filmed at a lake in China, a black shape can be seen surfacing through the waves. The shocked onlookers claimed it was about 16 to 19 feet (five to six metres) in length, as it did not completely come out of the water and all of it could not be seen. In the video, swimmers in the lake are heard to gasp as it seems to rear its head. Commentators have said it resembles the mythical Loch Ness Monster, but this was filmed thousands of miles away from Scotland at the Mount Lu Xihai Resort in Jiujiang City.
The video has been seen by more than five million people on social media. But, one wildlife expert said it was likely to be a Chinese sturgeon – a critically endangered fish that can grow up to 16.4 feet. He suggested it had escaped the Luoping Sturgeon Farm which he said had operated for eight years – more than enough time for the specimen to grow to the length of the mystery creature.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017

For $125K, You Can Own A "Haunted House" In Texas

For $125,000, you can be the proud owner of a three bedroom, two bathroom home that sits in the heart of Mineral Wells, Texas. But there's a catch -- you need to be comfortable with the idea of sharing the property with paranormal spirits. The current owner, Phil Kirchhoff, says as many as nine inhabitants call the place home. "When we bought the house, we had no idea that it was haunted," Kirchhoff told reporters. "I wasn't involved in the paranormal [activity] at that point. The neighbors all started talking about it. They started telling us stories. The 2,800-square-foot home sits in the shadow of the historic Baker Hotel. It's about a block and a half away.
Becky Foley, with Source 1 Real Estate, says this is her most unique listing to date. She herself doesn't delve into the paranormal activity, but confesses to witnessing some odd occurrences. "A client got literally nauseously ill and thought she was going to pass out and ran out," Foley said. "She kept saying, 'I can't go back in there. Something hit me the moment you opened the door. I cannot go back in there.'" According to Kirchhoff, that's not unusual. He says the "spirits do not want some people in this house" and "they'll chase them out" if that's the case. The home's many living spaces are furnished with relics from different eras that belonged to the people who live there. Lone toy carousels and stuffed animals eerily sit on the floorboards.
At one point, the home had three bathrooms, but one room was sealed up for an unknown reason. The closed-off room comes equipped with a unique safety feature that resembles burglar bars. "We've heard it could have been a brothel," Foley said. "We wonder if some of the people were maybe kept against their will, hence the bars. We don't know." Even though the home has been appraised at just over $26,000, Foley says the $125,000 price tag reflects the business opportunity that resides there. Currently, the property attracts brave souls interested in investigating paranormal activity. On weekends, groups explore the house and often share their findings with a community of enthusiasts on the Haunted Hill House's Facebook page. Tours are booked through September. Foley says Kirchhoff does not live at the residence, but hopes the right buyer will embrace his passion for the property. "His hope is whoever takes it and buys it will have the love for what he loves," Foley said. "I think it will make a cool bed and breakfast. We'll just have to see what its future holds."

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Mystery Creature Has Been Caught On Night Vision Camera In Sydney North

It's the mystery creature lurking in the bushland of Sydney - but what on earth is it? A suspicious animal with features similar to a tree kangaroo and a cat has got social media talking after it was captured on night vision camera north of the city.
The quick glimpse of the animal sparked interest online with one woman claiming the animal looked like a 'hybrid'. 'Walks like a cat, looks like a wallaby,' she said. 'Would love to know what it is.' Another woman claimed the animal in the video was a tree kangaroo because of the 'swing in the hips' but admitted she was no expert.
A fellow social media user hit-back at the claim with a quip about the location of the creature in 'coastal NSW'. Another said she also thought it looked like a tree kangaroo but 'the walk didn't look right'. The animal stood on its hind legs as it sniffed the night air before slinking off under some nearby branches.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Amateur Photographer Captures 'Mystery Sea Creature' Off Herne Bay

An amateur photographer is appealing for help after discovering he had unwittingly captured a mystery sea creature. Graphic designer Michael Green from Staverton near Daventry was holidaying in Whitstable last summer with his wife. He captured the image while visiting Herne Bay on July 24 - but has only just noticed the unexpected animal.
He said: "I take a lot of photos with a view to putting them on my website or using them in club photo competitions. With that in mind, I took some photos of Herne Bay Pier and as I was walking along the seafront saw a couple on the blue viewing point opposite.
"I thought it made for a nice photo so I took seven photos of them, but without taking too much notice of the background. "It was only today, whilst sorting out photos to back up, that I found something I couldn't explain in the background." Mr Green insisted he had not doctored the image. He added he thought it could be a "dolphin or something similar".

Sunday, January 29, 2017

CIA Declassify UFO Documents: The Truckloads Of Information Will Now Help Alien Hunters

What a way to begin the year for unidentified flying object (UFO) enthusiasts. Finally, they have truckloads of declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents with which to face the naysayers. Along with scientists of the Seti (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute, flying saucer lovers believe we aren’t alone in the universe. The crucial difference between the two groups is that the latter believe that aliens have been visiting us regularly — some actually having ‘met’ the visitors — while the scientists don’t accept the UFO argument even with barrels of salt. Often, the ‘scientific’ ET-trackers have been accused by UFOlogists that their Seti research is keeping the truth away in databanks. The Project Blue Book of the CIA, which monitored alien activity and recorded all ‘encounters’, was a closely guarded secret which aroused much suspicion. Despite many announcements by the US government debunking UFO conspiracy theories, the CIA was not let off the hook by conspiracy theorists. The recently declassified documents may ‘prove’ the flying saucer clubs right. There are indeed several ‘incidents’ that the CIA could not ‘explain’. One such report documents a UFO spotted by two police officers patrolling the Lithuanian border on June 26, 1996. “Vehicleloads of soldiers from the ARAS rapid reaction force, sniffer dogs and police reinforcements immediately arrived on the scene of the emergency,” read an ITAR-TASS report that’s part of the declassified material. It’s interesting to note that the two policemen were interviewed by the Lithuanian authorities which later deemed that both men were mentally stable and suffered no hallucinations during the encounter. This would be enough to add fuel to the dying embers of UFOlogy. After its heydays in the 1960s-80s, the UFO is once again flying. But without clinching evidence that is verifiable by independent scientific inquiry, it is impossible to say that Earth has been a playground for alien visitors.
Grainy images, a burnt blade of grass, or statements from psychologically stable Lithuanian policemen are not enough to prove these visits. But the documents that recorded them are enough to spread the UFO lore. UFO or not, one cannot wish away the question: Are we alone in this universe?’ In 2015, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) estimated there were 1billion possible ‘Earths’ in the Milky Way alone. While the data may appear to be too optimistic, there is still a sizeable population of exoplanets — planets that orbit a star outside the solar system — that may be habitable within the realm of scientific possibility. Whether these other worlds had been sending spaceships to inspect Earthlings is still speculation. These speculations marketed as ‘science’, as in the case of Swiss writer Erich von Daniken in his Chariots of the Gods and other ‘aliens seeded Earth’ books, make fun reading but do no good to Seti research. The people at the Seti institute have been painstakingly searching various parts of the sky to catch a glimpse of intelligent life forms. They have come across strange signals in the past and their science has not been able to decode the messages as yet. But has not spured them on to tell the world that ‘ET wanted to contact us’. In 2007, Duncan Lorimer at West Virginia University was rummaging through historical records from the Parkes radio telescope in Australia, when he and his colleagues stumbled across an unusual signal. It was a burst of radio energy that no one had ever seen before. Lorimer published this discovery and that raised a lot of questions including, “Are we looking at a real set of data?” The reaction of the astronomy community was one of astonishment. But soon it was pointed out that a microwave oven in the kitchen below the control room of Parkes was responsible for the ‘strange signals’. But doubts lingered. When other, similar bursts were later found by the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, everyone realised that these quick radio blasts — christened ‘fast radio bursts’ or FRBs — are for real. What is causing FRBs? The question has to be answered and here are some candidates: It could be a black hole gorging up matter. It could be tell-tale signs of a neutron star. They could be screeches transmitted by intelligent beings. But then, why are the broadcasts so brief ? There are 18 known FRBs and investigating these would be better for ‘alien hunters’ than peering over inconclusive CIA declassified documents. And if you are on the side of physicist Stephen Hawking, you would stay clear of an alien. The result of such a contact, according to Hawking, would be catastrophic for humanity — as it has for so many human cultures after having encountered a technologically superior alien civilisation.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Does This Footage Show UFOs Hovering Near The US-Mexico Border?

President Donald Trump’s proposed plan to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is apparently not the only thing drawing attention to the border between the two countries. A 14-minute video featuring an unusual cluster of lights above a border control post in Tijuana, Mexico was featured on several news outlets Friday as well as Instagram before allegedly disappearing without any explanation. In the video of the incident, some members of the border staff can be seen temporarily abandoning their posts, as cars crossing the border between the U.S. and Mexico stop to view the lights and honk their horns. A report by the UK’s Daily Mail cites a deleted Instagram photo found by self-proclaimed research team and underground news outlet Secureteam as further evidence. “These are objects which someone possibly did not want seen on Instagram which is a big red flag,” said Tyler of Sourceteam in an exclusive interview with Hannah Al-Othman. “This gives a signal that we may well have something here. At first they are random but towards the end four of them align in a rectangular formation so they can’t be balloons.” The cluster of lights will likely remain the subject of online theories, as NASA’s position on unidentified flying objects has remained rather consistent over the years. “NASA does not track or research Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's),” reads a statement on the official NASA website.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Google Earth Has Evidence Of Alien Abduction

UFO spotter John Mooner has claimed that his abduction by a grey alien has been caught in a series of satellite images – and also that he cannot remember the incident. Mr Mooner says the images - which show him trying to punch an alien in the face - are 'amazing evidence' of alien abduction and they left him 'speechless'. "I was having trouble with the Google Earth app that was installed on my computer so I looked for an online option and found Google satellite maps," he explained. "I thought to myself I will view the area where I was UFO spotted from last year and look for anything out of the ordinary. I was left speechless by what I saw. "The satellite has captured a real alien abduction taking place. The shocking thing about this was that it's me being abducted by a grey alien and the satellite image clearly shows me trying to fight off the grey alien by punching it in the face.
"Looking at the image it appears that the alien has blocked my punch and has grabbed my fist and must of been able to subdue me. "The strangest thing about this captured incident is that I do not remember this taking place at all. I do however remember sporadic episodes of missing time throughout the year of 2016 and going back through the previous years. I do remember wearing a black baseball cap and shirt. This is definitely me on the satellite image. "I also spotted three UFOs that were heading in my direction.
The three UFOs were identical and appear to be flying in formation at different altitudes. The UFO that appears to be at the highest altitude has a green light emanating from it and appears to be leaving a faint contrail with a red glow behind it. The other two UFOs are glowing white. "The most interesting thing about these UFOs is that they look very similar to the UFO filmed and photographed over Nellis air force base at the Nevada test site. How incredible is that? "I think that the UFOs were coming to pick me up with the grey alien. I was abducted and this satellite image is proof."

Saturday, January 21, 2017

After Performing 6,000 Exorcisms, This Priest Says The Devil Fears Him

Fr. Francisco Lopez Sedano is an 80-year-old Mexican exorcist. In the past 40 years of service, he has conducted at least 6,000 exorcisms. And, he says, the devil is afraid of him. Fr. Lopez told the newspaper Hoy Los Angeles (Los Angeles Today) that when the devil speaks to him through possessed people, he responds, “I am nobody, but I come from Christ, your Lord and God and you leave right now – I command you in His name that you go. Out!” Fr. Lopez is the national coordinator emeritus of exorcism for the Archdiocese of Mexico, and he belongs to the order of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. Now, he continues his ministry in the Parish of the Holy Cross in Mexico City. During the interview, the priest highlighted four things that he learned during his years as an exorcist. First, he emphasized, the devil is a person and not a thing. He noted that Jesus confronted the devil many times and spoke to him. When speaking with a demon, “one isn’t talking with a thing, one is talking with a person.” The evil one, he added, wants “to separate us from God, to frighten us, to threaten us, to make us tremble.” “He brings us laziness, fatigue, sleepiness, distrust, desperation, hate; everything negative.” Second, Fr. Lopez noted, the devil enters into persons because they allow him to do so. “He can’t enter us if we do not open doors,” the priest said. “Because of this, God prohibits the practice of magic, superstition, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, consulting the dead and spirits and astrology. These are the seven lands of lies and deceit.” “That the stars influence our life is the biggest lie.
Father Francisco Lopez Sedano
They are millions of kilometers away! They are bodies formed by metals and gasses – how can they influence us? It’s the same with magic, which attributes to objects a power that they don’t have. To carry a horseshoe because it’s going to give me good luck – it’s a lie.” Another truth that Fr. Lopez has learned from decades of experience is that the possessed exhibit specific behaviors. He said that he has observed possessed persons who “began to shout, to bark like a dog, to scream or writhe and who squirmed like a snake on the ground.On one occasion, Fr. Lopez said, a boy around 18 years old pushed five large benches that were so heavy they should have required the strength of 10 people to move. “He had a terrible strength. We had to get him between three people to practice the exorcism. Having the presence of the Other, already explains anything. They are able to climb the walls, yes. And fly too.” Sometimes, the possessed person “hears voices, feels hatred or rejection of God where before they believed and now they stamp on the Bible. Other people have a terrible backache, but doctors say that they are perfectly fine.” “The injuries of Satan are outside the control of clinical medicine,” he continued. “People who live with permanent diarrhea and nothing makes it go away; people who have eye pain and ophthalmologists find nothing. These are injuries that science does not detect.” Finally, the priest said, decades of ministry have taught him that exorcism is a divine mandate. Regarding his appointment as an exorcist some 40 years ago, he affirmed that it was “out of necessity” after seeing “very serious and painful cases.” “A fellow priest who was involved in it made me see that fighting the Evil One was an obligation. He said to me, 'You have to enter into this by the command of the Lord.' The three mandates are to carry the word of God, heal the sick and cast out demons. All three are in valid in the Church.” There are a thousand forms.”

Devil Wants To Confuse Children About Gender Says Late Chief Rome Exorcist

Demonic disturbances that torment individuals, called diabolical obsession, “can lead to confusion about one’s gender,” “particularly in the young,” one of the world’s most famous exorcists wrote in a forthcoming book about Satan’s tactics. Father Gabriele Amorth, who served as the chief exorcist of Rome, founded the International Association of Exorcists and performed tens of thousands of exorcisms throughout his life, died at 91 last year. In his new book, An Exorcist Explains the Demonic: The Antics of Satan and His Army of Fallen Angels, Amorth wrote that disordered ideas about gender, especially in children, can be a sign of torment from the devil. Amorth warned that many of the devil’s “ordinary” temptations are passed off as “modern ideas” but really serve to “unhinge the principles of the faith.” These include abortion, same-sex “marriage,” euthanasia, divorce, and cohabitation, Amorth wrote. “The loss of a sense of sin that characterizes our era helps Satan to act nearly undisturbed and, inducing man to sin, takes man progressively away from the love of God,” Amorth wrote. Suggestions like “everyone does it” applied to grave sins “weaken the consciences of men and women and lead them toward closing their hearts, egoism, lack of forgiveness, and doing everything for money, power, and sex.” But “everything that seduces and enslaves souls leads to their death, which is Satan’s objective,” Amorth explained.
Even though Satan’s promises of money, pleasure, and power seem alluring, they actually come at a terrible price and don’t allow those who choose them any peace, the late exorcist wrote. The principle of total personal liberty, the promise of no obligation to anyone, and the denial that all truth comes directly from God are “seductive” in appearance but ultimately unfulfilling, especially for young people, Amorth wrote. These notions “delude” people “into thinking that life is a beautiful holiday” where “everything is permitted and where your ‘I’ does not recognize any limits regarding pleasure or enjoyment.” This is all because Satan wishes to lead people away from God, Amorth wrote. Other ways that Satan infects and attacks the modern culture are certain types of music, which can provoke “violence, suicide, sexual perversion, and acts destruction against the state, the civic order, and the Church of God,” and games like Ouija boards. “Today families are among the most targeted by the ordinary action of Satan,” according to Amorth. To counter this, he recommended all married couples pray together and extend the habit of prayer to their children. Although An Exorcist Explains the Demonic was deeply disturbing, Amorth reminds readers of God’s victory over Satan and the many means of growing in holiness and fighting evil provided by Holy Mother Church in the Sacraments, sacramentals, and prayer. God loves us so much and wants to protect us. Amorth’s book is a call to authentic love for neighbor and self and a manual that can help everyone embrace God’s protection and recognize Satan’s lies.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

'Demon Possessed Doll' Blinks And Nods Head Before Entire Room Shakes Leaving Young Girl Terrified

A ' poltergeist was caught terrorising a young girl' as she played in her home before it 'made the room shake' from underneath her. Eerie home security footage shows a haunted doll twisting its head from side to side before objects fly across the room. The girl’s father set up the camera after he says she complained of something bothering her. In the first clip the youngster is seen happily playing with her toys on the floor as a doll in the corner of the room suddenly moves its head to the side. She remains completely oblivious to what's going on as it then moves its head to the other side. In the second clip, she is seen drawing a piece of paper in the living room. Pieces of paper begin flying into the air, sending her fleeing out the room in terror just before other objects on the table appear to be knocked onto the ground.
The table then screeches across the floor of the empty room - as if it's being pushed by an invisible force. A time stamp in the top of the footage appears to show it was filmed last September, but it went viral this week after being posted on Facebook. The footage has been viewed more than 5million times since being posted on Spanish language page La Otra Dimensión , which is dedicated to the supernatural world and horror stories. Sceptic Viz Beats wrote: "(It) looks super staged. "Pretty sure they used string to pull the dolls hair up and down. "The time and date on the camera isn't real - it was edited in. "After the first staged wind blow and the girl running away, I'm pretty sure (someone) steps in and attaches string to the objects and the table, before filming commences." Julio Cesar Alvarez Perez defended the legitimacy of the clip, writing: "To all (those who) say this is fake, I would like to see your face if any of this happened to you or worse - your daughter."