Saturday, February 28, 2015

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Spots Two Mysterious Lights Coming From Surface Of Dwarf Planet Ceres

One light may have seemed like a coincidence, but two? NASA's Dawn spacecraft has spotted two lights as it passes the dwarf planet Ceres, reports, raising questions about what exactly is there. Not long after it revealed one strange, reflective spot on the surface of Ceres, then another dimmer light came into view, NASA images have revealed. It has prompted speculation that the planet might be watching us and we watch it.
The Dawn spacecraft was launched in 2007 to study the planets of the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter. Theories for the shining lights include everything from mineral deposits to a frozen lake, but the truth is no one has the answer just yet.
"This may be pointing to a volcano-like origin of the spots, but we will have to wait for better resolution before we can make such geologic interpretations," said Chris Russell, principal investigator for the Dawn mission. The two images were taken some 29,000 miles from the surface of Ceres. Dawn will continue its approach towards Ceres until March 6 where it will enter orbit around the planet.

Disneyland Surveillance Catches Ghost Hanging Around After Closing

A Disneyland video which shows what appears to be a ghost visiting the theme park after hours has gone viral. The YouTube video was uploaded in 2009 but made the rounds on the internet this week after it was posted on Reddit. CCTV footage shows the apparition cruising around Disneyland's Haunted Mansion and Rivers of America at night.
According to The Huffington Post, viewers believe it could be the result of re-using VHS surveillance tapes, or it could be the ghost of Walt Disney. One Reddit user responded to _littlehelll's post, saying: "Maybe they were still re-using VHS tapes and the static image came through from previous recordings. Like a lone janitor or something. It is compelling in any case." But another replied: "So a few years ago they were still using VHS, that's hard to believe Disney would not have gone digital by then."

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Face Of 'Ghost' Child Spotted In Window Of Abandoned Orphanage

A mysterious "ghost child’s face" has been spotted at an abandoned former orphanage, spooking locals on Friday 13th. The building as shown on Google’s Street View function snapped what might be a face in a window of the deserted hospital in Orphan Drive. A concerned local raised the alarm, believing the image shows a child crying in the window of the red-bricked building. The crumbling Victorian building, which was originally Liverpool’s Seaman’s Orphan Institution, is now believed to be riddled with ghosts, the Liverpool Echo reports. It was later used as a medical hospital, Newsham Park Hospital, and a mental asylum before it was closed down by Liverpool City Council in 1997. The inside of the grade two listed building is 99,000 sq ft, and the cavernous, spooky hospital is the site of ghost tours.
With places for 400 orphans and later 400 patients, inside it is a truly decayed scene with the assembly hall, chilling mortuary, a warren of corridors, dormitories, nine psychiatric wards, winding staircases with anti-suicide grills, treatment rooms, a vast kitchen and laundry. Rusting broken beds, wheelchairs, commodes and trollies still lie scattered around. Memos hang limply on notice boards and rows of lockers display staff names like epitaphs. A top floor attic corridor is lined with 14 “naughty” cupboards, in which unruly children were held in solitary, pitch black confinement. Sightings of ghosts have been reported on the top floor and in Ward G, and visitors have described noises and uneasy feelings when they have been in the building. Some recent ghost hunters were haunted by voices, disappearing circles and white mist. Recently, property developers have applied for planning permission to create a restaurant in the ramshackle structure.