Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Mystery Creature Has Been Caught On Night Vision Camera In Sydney North

It's the mystery creature lurking in the bushland of Sydney - but what on earth is it? A suspicious animal with features similar to a tree kangaroo and a cat has got social media talking after it was captured on night vision camera north of the city.
The quick glimpse of the animal sparked interest online with one woman claiming the animal looked like a 'hybrid'. 'Walks like a cat, looks like a wallaby,' she said. 'Would love to know what it is.' Another woman claimed the animal in the video was a tree kangaroo because of the 'swing in the hips' but admitted she was no expert.
A fellow social media user hit-back at the claim with a quip about the location of the creature in 'coastal NSW'. Another said she also thought it looked like a tree kangaroo but 'the walk didn't look right'. The animal stood on its hind legs as it sniffed the night air before slinking off under some nearby branches.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Amateur Photographer Captures 'Mystery Sea Creature' Off Herne Bay

An amateur photographer is appealing for help after discovering he had unwittingly captured a mystery sea creature. Graphic designer Michael Green from Staverton near Daventry was holidaying in Whitstable last summer with his wife. He captured the image while visiting Herne Bay on July 24 - but has only just noticed the unexpected animal.
He said: "I take a lot of photos with a view to putting them on my website or using them in club photo competitions. With that in mind, I took some photos of Herne Bay Pier and as I was walking along the seafront saw a couple on the blue viewing point opposite.
"I thought it made for a nice photo so I took seven photos of them, but without taking too much notice of the background. "It was only today, whilst sorting out photos to back up, that I found something I couldn't explain in the background." Mr Green insisted he had not doctored the image. He added he thought it could be a "dolphin or something similar".