Monday, August 7, 2017

Massive Green Orb Shaped UFO Spotted In Sky Above 'Sacred Mountain'

UFO hunters have captured a mysterious eerie orb creeping silently through a forest in Canada. Rob Freeman and Marcus McNabb went searching for extraterrestrial life around Squamish, in British Colombia, after locals told them about weird-goings on in the area. Rob, a senior field researcher for the Centre for the Scientific Study of Atmospheric Anomalies, said the sighting is the best footage they’ve recorded to date.
It shows a bright circular light darting above Stawamus Chief before seemingly shining through trees as if they were see-through. "Several locals said orbs have been spotted above "The Chief" at Squamish, so we set-up within view of the granite monolith, the second biggest of it's kind in the world, Rob told Mirror Online. "At 10.59pm, this huge yellowish white ball of light appeared out of nowhere and then proceeded to go into the woods. "Thanks to Breslin Martin of our group for spotting it so I could film it with my night vision scope. "It moved 100% silently.
"Note how any trees in front of the orb block the light, while trees behind the orb are lit up big time." Rob and Marcus have travelled to 11 countries over three years in search for alien life after being inspired by a childhood experience, reports Squamish Chief. To collect data, the crew used night imaging technology, as well as a camera fondly called the “weapon of mass detection.” Rob said when they first spotted the orb on July 22 they thought it was an airplane. “The trees behind the orb were all lit up,” he explained. “That means it was in front of the trees.”