Monday, November 21, 2016

Huge White Creature Leaps Across Snowy Russian Road

Two men driving in the middle of snowy Russia have sworn they captured the Yeti on camera. Their car was making its way along a very bumpy and snow-torn road when just metres ahead of them a white figure dashed across the road. The men start yelling and as quickly as the figure appeared it was soon gone again. “I mean it could have been someone’s cruel prank," the driver, Vadim Gilmanov, told local TV. "But on the other hand, who else could dash out so quickly in the middle of the night? In the middle of nowhere."
The men were driving on a road in the Republic of Bashkortostan, near the Urals mountain range. Folklore from this area of Russia tells the tale of a creature named Shurale – a shapeshifter with long fingers, a horn on its head and a body completely covered in woolly fur.
While no definitive proof has ever been found that creature such as the yeti, the abominable snowman and Bigfoot actually exist – over the years people have sworn to have captured them on camera. Only last month bizarre footage captured an enormous creature walking through a waterfall in Indonesia. While mystery abounds over the “first UK Bigfoot” video – taken by a man walking through the woods on Caerphilly Mountain near Cardiff in south Wales.

Is This Balloon Possessed By Ghost Of Dead Child?

Doctors were left freaked out when they believed a balloon was possessed and haunting a hospital. Footage of the incident has gone viral after it showed hospital staff deeply unsettled when a balloon hovering inches from the floor seemed to follow them around the building. It shows an orange balloon floating inches above the floor.
It drifts purposefully along a corridor towards the camera, in a manner quite unlike the usual movement of helium or air-filled balloons. The balloon continues to move slowly and constantly towards the person filming, who is standing on the threshold of a room. Two employees’ voices - one male and one female - can be heard on the recording.The man says: "It’s coming towards us!" The footage then cuts to the employees standing in what seems to be a staff kitchen, filming the entrance to the room. Suddenly, the balloon appears and as if possessed, it turns and goes inside the room, and the two people shriek and run away scared.
The video was recorded in the Victor Vilela Children’s Hospital in central Argentina’s city of Rosario. Dante Taparelli, a local artist with an interest in the paranormal as well as being the image director of Rosario municipality, told a local TV station: "This is an entity, a soul, something, I don’t know what. "From my point of view, we should be very happy in these situations. I think it was a soul that was wandering around. There are open gates that we cannot perceive. These things give hope, they shouldn’t scare us." Meanwhile a man filmed the moment he woke up to the sound of banging and when he left his camera rolling it recorded a terrifying event. And horror footage has emerged which appears to show a woman possessed by a demon after she takes a bite out of a biscuit.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Amityville Horror House Sold

The Long Island home where six people were slaughtered in 1974, in a gruesome familial crime known as the "Amityville Murders," has been purchased. The 1927 Dutch Colonial house is where, in '74, Ronald DeFeo, Jr., then 23, shot and killed his parents and four younger siblings while they were sleeping. DeFeo is serving six concurrent sentences of 25 years to life. He shot his family members with a .35 Marlin rifle and each victim was found face down in their beds inside the home. DeFeo is imprisoned at the Green Haven Correctional Facility in Dutchess County. Regardless of its storied past, it seems to have a new taker in 2016. The home went into contract this week. Coldwell Banker Harbor Light Listing Agent Jerry O’Neill said, “We don’t discuss the terms of a sale until it’s closed.”
The 5,000-square-foot, five-bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom house on 0.27 acres on the Amityville River, went on the market in June with a listing price of $850,000. The current owner bought the property in 2010 for $950,000. It was listed at $1.15 million. The recognizable home comes with a boathouse and a slip, both of which can be seen in the original film starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder. The home has been restored and updated. However, it still carries a late-1920s flair. The older features mix with newer installments, including a security system operated by cameras around the property. The home was the focus of Jay Anson’s book “The Amityville Horror” and Stuart Rosenberg’s film of the same name because of the gruesome DeFeo murders that unfolded within its walls. Following the first film, 17 others have been made about the home’s spine-chilling past, making it one of the most identifiable settings in the horror genre. The next film to carry the torch is Franck Khalfoun’s 2017 project, “Amityville: The Awakening,” out in January.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Increased Sightings Of Two-Headed Sharks Baffle Scientists

Two-headed sharks may seem like science fiction, but National Geographic is pointing out that they seem to be becoming more common around the world. As the report notes, past discoveries include two-headed pre-term sharks found off the Florida coast and in the Indian Ocean as well as two sets of conjoined twins found around Mexico.
Scientists in Spain have also announced that one of their lab shark embryos was growing two heads which is one of the first known instances of the phenomenon appearing in an egg-laying member of the species. As the team states in the resulting study, "Each head had a mouth, two eyes, a brain, a notochord [like a spinal cord], and five gill openings on each side." They also identified separate hearts, stomachs, and livers but one set of shared intestines, kidneys, and reproductive system. While researchers don't exactly know why these mutations are happening, occurrences in the wild have been attributed to infections, pollution, and overfishing causing the gene pool to shrink.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Loch Ness Monster May Have A long Lost Cousin In Russia, Named Labynkyr Devil.

A remote lake in Siberia has attracted worldwide attention after a series of bizarre events. Some locals believe the Labynkyr Devil is a monster that lives in the lake. One man claims this creature tore right through his fishing nets. Andrey Solovyev is a travel guide who has stationed himself there for the relentless winter months. No one else lives within almost 100 miles of the Lake Labynkyr’s frosty waters. The 32-year-old adventurer has been surviving off his daily fishing through ice holes but hit a snag when he noticed the damage to his nets. Andrey explained: “Some strange things were happening here, like in September when I set very robust nets and they were torn to shreds, like I could never imagine. “I saw huge - meters in diameter - holes on these nets. It definitely wasn't done by a fish, even a pike couldn't bite through this net.” Andrey also claims he saw something in the water that he can’t explain. He said: “Two weeks ago when the ice was still not completely frozen some dark creature swam out of the lake - but I couldn't identify it.”
The legend of Labynkyr Devil has existed since as far back as the 19th century. Scientists have found sonar readings that show at least one enormous creature dwells in the eerie lake. Part of the tale tells of a secret underground passage liking Labynkyr to a lake 20 miles away called Vorota. The lakes have identical water levels. A report by Itogi magazine analysed the sightings and said: “Comparing the stories we can say that it is 9-10 metres long, 1.2-1.5 metres wide.” Soviet geologist Viktor Tverdokhlebov told the Soviet Times: “There have been all sort of theories about what kind of creature it could be - a giant pike, a relic reptile or an amphibian. “We did not manage to prove or to disprove these versions... we managed to find remains of jaws and skeleton of some animal.” Recent footage captured in Alaska showed a bizarre object snaking its way through icy waters, leading some to speculate whether there’s a mystical beast calling that river home.