Friday, November 26, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ghost Wars Break Out In Haunted Rye

Haunted Rye has become a supernatural battleground for two rival Ghost Walks. Ghostly tours of the medieval town have proved a great success for Rye Heritage Centre but they are haunted by the spectre of another tour run from Rye Tourist Information Centre. Rye is an absolute hot spot for ghastly goings-on with everything from phantom swordsmen clashing in a room at the Mermaid Inn to the wailing ghost of a monk who was rumoured to be bricked up in a wall alive for breaching vows of chastity. The tour operated by Rye Heritage Centre claims to be of a serious and historical nature and boasts the advantage of having night-time access to spooky spots such as the Ypres Tower. But they are up against tours run by local ghost enthusiast Tina Brown, who has seven books to her name and who has run successful tours in Hastings Old Town. Peter Cosstick, from the Heritage Centre, addressing councillors on Rye’s policy committee on Monday, said: “Our tours are working brilliantly.They are very historical and we can actually take people into venues such as the Tower, which are rarely seen after dark. “The tours are limited in number to 12 and we have had very good feedback from them. The other tours are bigger with around 20 people and they have someone in a wizard’s hat reading from a script. “We have already exceeded our financial targets for the tours.” But Tina Brown, who releases her book on Haunted Rye at Christmas, and lives in Eastbourne, said: “Our tours are very well researched. I am not aware of anyone wearing a wizard’s hat. “At the end of the day it is a just a bit of healthy competition and good at generating interest in the town.”