Sunday, January 29, 2017

CIA Declassify UFO Documents: The Truckloads Of Information Will Now Help Alien Hunters

What a way to begin the year for unidentified flying object (UFO) enthusiasts. Finally, they have truckloads of declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents with which to face the naysayers. Along with scientists of the Seti (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute, flying saucer lovers believe we aren’t alone in the universe. The crucial difference between the two groups is that the latter believe that aliens have been visiting us regularly — some actually having ‘met’ the visitors — while the scientists don’t accept the UFO argument even with barrels of salt. Often, the ‘scientific’ ET-trackers have been accused by UFOlogists that their Seti research is keeping the truth away in databanks. The Project Blue Book of the CIA, which monitored alien activity and recorded all ‘encounters’, was a closely guarded secret which aroused much suspicion. Despite many announcements by the US government debunking UFO conspiracy theories, the CIA was not let off the hook by conspiracy theorists. The recently declassified documents may ‘prove’ the flying saucer clubs right. There are indeed several ‘incidents’ that the CIA could not ‘explain’. One such report documents a UFO spotted by two police officers patrolling the Lithuanian border on June 26, 1996. “Vehicleloads of soldiers from the ARAS rapid reaction force, sniffer dogs and police reinforcements immediately arrived on the scene of the emergency,” read an ITAR-TASS report that’s part of the declassified material. It’s interesting to note that the two policemen were interviewed by the Lithuanian authorities which later deemed that both men were mentally stable and suffered no hallucinations during the encounter. This would be enough to add fuel to the dying embers of UFOlogy. After its heydays in the 1960s-80s, the UFO is once again flying. But without clinching evidence that is verifiable by independent scientific inquiry, it is impossible to say that Earth has been a playground for alien visitors.
Grainy images, a burnt blade of grass, or statements from psychologically stable Lithuanian policemen are not enough to prove these visits. But the documents that recorded them are enough to spread the UFO lore. UFO or not, one cannot wish away the question: Are we alone in this universe?’ In 2015, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) estimated there were 1billion possible ‘Earths’ in the Milky Way alone. While the data may appear to be too optimistic, there is still a sizeable population of exoplanets — planets that orbit a star outside the solar system — that may be habitable within the realm of scientific possibility. Whether these other worlds had been sending spaceships to inspect Earthlings is still speculation. These speculations marketed as ‘science’, as in the case of Swiss writer Erich von Daniken in his Chariots of the Gods and other ‘aliens seeded Earth’ books, make fun reading but do no good to Seti research. The people at the Seti institute have been painstakingly searching various parts of the sky to catch a glimpse of intelligent life forms. They have come across strange signals in the past and their science has not been able to decode the messages as yet. But has not spured them on to tell the world that ‘ET wanted to contact us’. In 2007, Duncan Lorimer at West Virginia University was rummaging through historical records from the Parkes radio telescope in Australia, when he and his colleagues stumbled across an unusual signal. It was a burst of radio energy that no one had ever seen before. Lorimer published this discovery and that raised a lot of questions including, “Are we looking at a real set of data?” The reaction of the astronomy community was one of astonishment. But soon it was pointed out that a microwave oven in the kitchen below the control room of Parkes was responsible for the ‘strange signals’. But doubts lingered. When other, similar bursts were later found by the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, everyone realised that these quick radio blasts — christened ‘fast radio bursts’ or FRBs — are for real. What is causing FRBs? The question has to be answered and here are some candidates: It could be a black hole gorging up matter. It could be tell-tale signs of a neutron star. They could be screeches transmitted by intelligent beings. But then, why are the broadcasts so brief ? There are 18 known FRBs and investigating these would be better for ‘alien hunters’ than peering over inconclusive CIA declassified documents. And if you are on the side of physicist Stephen Hawking, you would stay clear of an alien. The result of such a contact, according to Hawking, would be catastrophic for humanity — as it has for so many human cultures after having encountered a technologically superior alien civilisation.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Does This Footage Show UFOs Hovering Near The US-Mexico Border?

President Donald Trump’s proposed plan to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is apparently not the only thing drawing attention to the border between the two countries. A 14-minute video featuring an unusual cluster of lights above a border control post in Tijuana, Mexico was featured on several news outlets Friday as well as Instagram before allegedly disappearing without any explanation. In the video of the incident, some members of the border staff can be seen temporarily abandoning their posts, as cars crossing the border between the U.S. and Mexico stop to view the lights and honk their horns. A report by the UK’s Daily Mail cites a deleted Instagram photo found by self-proclaimed research team and underground news outlet Secureteam as further evidence. “These are objects which someone possibly did not want seen on Instagram which is a big red flag,” said Tyler of Sourceteam in an exclusive interview with Hannah Al-Othman. “This gives a signal that we may well have something here. At first they are random but towards the end four of them align in a rectangular formation so they can’t be balloons.” The cluster of lights will likely remain the subject of online theories, as NASA’s position on unidentified flying objects has remained rather consistent over the years. “NASA does not track or research Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's),” reads a statement on the official NASA website.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Google Earth Has Evidence Of Alien Abduction

UFO spotter John Mooner has claimed that his abduction by a grey alien has been caught in a series of satellite images – and also that he cannot remember the incident. Mr Mooner says the images - which show him trying to punch an alien in the face - are 'amazing evidence' of alien abduction and they left him 'speechless'. "I was having trouble with the Google Earth app that was installed on my computer so I looked for an online option and found Google satellite maps," he explained. "I thought to myself I will view the area where I was UFO spotted from last year and look for anything out of the ordinary. I was left speechless by what I saw. "The satellite has captured a real alien abduction taking place. The shocking thing about this was that it's me being abducted by a grey alien and the satellite image clearly shows me trying to fight off the grey alien by punching it in the face.
"Looking at the image it appears that the alien has blocked my punch and has grabbed my fist and must of been able to subdue me. "The strangest thing about this captured incident is that I do not remember this taking place at all. I do however remember sporadic episodes of missing time throughout the year of 2016 and going back through the previous years. I do remember wearing a black baseball cap and shirt. This is definitely me on the satellite image. "I also spotted three UFOs that were heading in my direction.
The three UFOs were identical and appear to be flying in formation at different altitudes. The UFO that appears to be at the highest altitude has a green light emanating from it and appears to be leaving a faint contrail with a red glow behind it. The other two UFOs are glowing white. "The most interesting thing about these UFOs is that they look very similar to the UFO filmed and photographed over Nellis air force base at the Nevada test site. How incredible is that? "I think that the UFOs were coming to pick me up with the grey alien. I was abducted and this satellite image is proof."

Saturday, January 21, 2017

After Performing 6,000 Exorcisms, This Priest Says The Devil Fears Him

Fr. Francisco Lopez Sedano is an 80-year-old Mexican exorcist. In the past 40 years of service, he has conducted at least 6,000 exorcisms. And, he says, the devil is afraid of him. Fr. Lopez told the newspaper Hoy Los Angeles (Los Angeles Today) that when the devil speaks to him through possessed people, he responds, “I am nobody, but I come from Christ, your Lord and God and you leave right now – I command you in His name that you go. Out!” Fr. Lopez is the national coordinator emeritus of exorcism for the Archdiocese of Mexico, and he belongs to the order of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. Now, he continues his ministry in the Parish of the Holy Cross in Mexico City. During the interview, the priest highlighted four things that he learned during his years as an exorcist. First, he emphasized, the devil is a person and not a thing. He noted that Jesus confronted the devil many times and spoke to him. When speaking with a demon, “one isn’t talking with a thing, one is talking with a person.” The evil one, he added, wants “to separate us from God, to frighten us, to threaten us, to make us tremble.” “He brings us laziness, fatigue, sleepiness, distrust, desperation, hate; everything negative.” Second, Fr. Lopez noted, the devil enters into persons because they allow him to do so. “He can’t enter us if we do not open doors,” the priest said. “Because of this, God prohibits the practice of magic, superstition, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, consulting the dead and spirits and astrology. These are the seven lands of lies and deceit.” “That the stars influence our life is the biggest lie.
Father Francisco Lopez Sedano
They are millions of kilometers away! They are bodies formed by metals and gasses – how can they influence us? It’s the same with magic, which attributes to objects a power that they don’t have. To carry a horseshoe because it’s going to give me good luck – it’s a lie.” Another truth that Fr. Lopez has learned from decades of experience is that the possessed exhibit specific behaviors. He said that he has observed possessed persons who “began to shout, to bark like a dog, to scream or writhe and who squirmed like a snake on the ground.On one occasion, Fr. Lopez said, a boy around 18 years old pushed five large benches that were so heavy they should have required the strength of 10 people to move. “He had a terrible strength. We had to get him between three people to practice the exorcism. Having the presence of the Other, already explains anything. They are able to climb the walls, yes. And fly too.” Sometimes, the possessed person “hears voices, feels hatred or rejection of God where before they believed and now they stamp on the Bible. Other people have a terrible backache, but doctors say that they are perfectly fine.” “The injuries of Satan are outside the control of clinical medicine,” he continued. “People who live with permanent diarrhea and nothing makes it go away; people who have eye pain and ophthalmologists find nothing. These are injuries that science does not detect.” Finally, the priest said, decades of ministry have taught him that exorcism is a divine mandate. Regarding his appointment as an exorcist some 40 years ago, he affirmed that it was “out of necessity” after seeing “very serious and painful cases.” “A fellow priest who was involved in it made me see that fighting the Evil One was an obligation. He said to me, 'You have to enter into this by the command of the Lord.' The three mandates are to carry the word of God, heal the sick and cast out demons. All three are in valid in the Church.” There are a thousand forms.”

Devil Wants To Confuse Children About Gender Says Late Chief Rome Exorcist

Demonic disturbances that torment individuals, called diabolical obsession, “can lead to confusion about one’s gender,” “particularly in the young,” one of the world’s most famous exorcists wrote in a forthcoming book about Satan’s tactics. Father Gabriele Amorth, who served as the chief exorcist of Rome, founded the International Association of Exorcists and performed tens of thousands of exorcisms throughout his life, died at 91 last year. In his new book, An Exorcist Explains the Demonic: The Antics of Satan and His Army of Fallen Angels, Amorth wrote that disordered ideas about gender, especially in children, can be a sign of torment from the devil. Amorth warned that many of the devil’s “ordinary” temptations are passed off as “modern ideas” but really serve to “unhinge the principles of the faith.” These include abortion, same-sex “marriage,” euthanasia, divorce, and cohabitation, Amorth wrote. “The loss of a sense of sin that characterizes our era helps Satan to act nearly undisturbed and, inducing man to sin, takes man progressively away from the love of God,” Amorth wrote. Suggestions like “everyone does it” applied to grave sins “weaken the consciences of men and women and lead them toward closing their hearts, egoism, lack of forgiveness, and doing everything for money, power, and sex.” But “everything that seduces and enslaves souls leads to their death, which is Satan’s objective,” Amorth explained.
Even though Satan’s promises of money, pleasure, and power seem alluring, they actually come at a terrible price and don’t allow those who choose them any peace, the late exorcist wrote. The principle of total personal liberty, the promise of no obligation to anyone, and the denial that all truth comes directly from God are “seductive” in appearance but ultimately unfulfilling, especially for young people, Amorth wrote. These notions “delude” people “into thinking that life is a beautiful holiday” where “everything is permitted and where your ‘I’ does not recognize any limits regarding pleasure or enjoyment.” This is all because Satan wishes to lead people away from God, Amorth wrote. Other ways that Satan infects and attacks the modern culture are certain types of music, which can provoke “violence, suicide, sexual perversion, and acts destruction against the state, the civic order, and the Church of God,” and games like Ouija boards. “Today families are among the most targeted by the ordinary action of Satan,” according to Amorth. To counter this, he recommended all married couples pray together and extend the habit of prayer to their children. Although An Exorcist Explains the Demonic was deeply disturbing, Amorth reminds readers of God’s victory over Satan and the many means of growing in holiness and fighting evil provided by Holy Mother Church in the Sacraments, sacramentals, and prayer. God loves us so much and wants to protect us. Amorth’s book is a call to authentic love for neighbor and self and a manual that can help everyone embrace God’s protection and recognize Satan’s lies.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

'Demon Possessed Doll' Blinks And Nods Head Before Entire Room Shakes Leaving Young Girl Terrified

A ' poltergeist was caught terrorising a young girl' as she played in her home before it 'made the room shake' from underneath her. Eerie home security footage shows a haunted doll twisting its head from side to side before objects fly across the room. The girl’s father set up the camera after he says she complained of something bothering her. In the first clip the youngster is seen happily playing with her toys on the floor as a doll in the corner of the room suddenly moves its head to the side. She remains completely oblivious to what's going on as it then moves its head to the other side. In the second clip, she is seen drawing a piece of paper in the living room. Pieces of paper begin flying into the air, sending her fleeing out the room in terror just before other objects on the table appear to be knocked onto the ground.
The table then screeches across the floor of the empty room - as if it's being pushed by an invisible force. A time stamp in the top of the footage appears to show it was filmed last September, but it went viral this week after being posted on Facebook. The footage has been viewed more than 5million times since being posted on Spanish language page La Otra Dimensión , which is dedicated to the supernatural world and horror stories. Sceptic Viz Beats wrote: "(It) looks super staged. "Pretty sure they used string to pull the dolls hair up and down. "The time and date on the camera isn't real - it was edited in. "After the first staged wind blow and the girl running away, I'm pretty sure (someone) steps in and attaches string to the objects and the table, before filming commences." Julio Cesar Alvarez Perez defended the legitimacy of the clip, writing: "To all (those who) say this is fake, I would like to see your face if any of this happened to you or worse - your daughter."

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Flaming UFO Lights Up Skies Over Devon For Three Hours

A ‘flaming UFO’ has been spotted soaring above Exmouth in Devon. At least that’s what this musician claims he saw shortly after 1pm on Wednesday. According to Mark Emmins, the oval-shaped luminous object appeared in the sky and remained there for about three hours. His friend, Tyron Osborne, snapped the rare sight as the pair looked on in amazement, convinced it was a UFO. Posting pictures online, Mark wrote: ‘Today for the second time in my life I can honestly say that myself and my neighbour watched a UFO. ‘It was stood still in the sky for some hours and then decided to move and then vanish. We got photos too.’
The object, which is most likely not a UFO, was initially dismissed as a star, but Mark insists he later windows on it. He said: ‘If you look closely you can see what appears to be windows. I have never seen anything like this. ‘As for believing in aliens, I’ve always thought we are not alone in the universe and hoped to see something that would make me believe they would visit us. ‘I didn’t expect it to actually happen.’ Mark believes the object came from the US after he noticed it was traveling east from Dawlish. His post led to dozens of people speculating at what it could be, with most people saying it was probably not a UFO. Wendy Seaman wrote: ‘Looks like the Enterprise. Are you sure it wasn’t a satellite, one goes over about 4ish daily. When its a clear day you can see it clearly.’ Paul Oxenham said: ‘It could have been someone’s drone.’ But Steph Pommier wasn’t going to put it off that easily, writing: ‘UFOs have been spotted since the beginning of Man. Just accept it. We cannot know nor control everything.’