Monday, August 31, 2015

NASA Footage 'Shows UFO Beaming Light On Earth' Before Transmission Cuts

There's something to be said for Nasa - they explore space, which is a petty big job, and they pretty much single-handedly found out that the moon is not made of cheese way back in 1969. And yet, some net users think that the space agency might be hiding something from us. This video shows an unusual glowing object which was captured by a camera on the International Space Station, before Nasa’s camera feed cut out. Commenting on the video, UFO enthusiast Scott Waring says: "How much longer will NASA go on with this charade?
Spotted by YouTuber StreetCap, the video's mysterious cut is evidence, Waring believes, that the space agency is keeping secrets from us all. Waring adds: "This looks like a craft in space and is partly cloaked. The sun at a certain angle and is causing a small part of the UFO to become visible. "This is a very cool catch by Streetcap1. NASA noticed it and went to blue screen." Have a look and see what you think.