Sunday, November 6, 2016

Loch Ness Monster May Have A long Lost Cousin In Russia, Named Labynkyr Devil.

A remote lake in Siberia has attracted worldwide attention after a series of bizarre events. Some locals believe the Labynkyr Devil is a monster that lives in the lake. One man claims this creature tore right through his fishing nets. Andrey Solovyev is a travel guide who has stationed himself there for the relentless winter months. No one else lives within almost 100 miles of the Lake Labynkyr’s frosty waters. The 32-year-old adventurer has been surviving off his daily fishing through ice holes but hit a snag when he noticed the damage to his nets. Andrey explained: “Some strange things were happening here, like in September when I set very robust nets and they were torn to shreds, like I could never imagine. “I saw huge - meters in diameter - holes on these nets. It definitely wasn't done by a fish, even a pike couldn't bite through this net.” Andrey also claims he saw something in the water that he can’t explain. He said: “Two weeks ago when the ice was still not completely frozen some dark creature swam out of the lake - but I couldn't identify it.”
The legend of Labynkyr Devil has existed since as far back as the 19th century. Scientists have found sonar readings that show at least one enormous creature dwells in the eerie lake. Part of the tale tells of a secret underground passage liking Labynkyr to a lake 20 miles away called Vorota. The lakes have identical water levels. A report by Itogi magazine analysed the sightings and said: “Comparing the stories we can say that it is 9-10 metres long, 1.2-1.5 metres wide.” Soviet geologist Viktor Tverdokhlebov told the Soviet Times: “There have been all sort of theories about what kind of creature it could be - a giant pike, a relic reptile or an amphibian. “We did not manage to prove or to disprove these versions... we managed to find remains of jaws and skeleton of some animal.” Recent footage captured in Alaska showed a bizarre object snaking its way through icy waters, leading some to speculate whether there’s a mystical beast calling that river home.