Friday, October 14, 2016

Man Captures 'Ghost' Moving His Trousers In Spooky Footage - Has To Go To Bed With Light On

A man confessed he was thoroughly spooked when his trousers started to move of their own accord - with no logical explanation. Antony Dunleavy, 36, was alone in the house when he spotted one of the legs of his chinos moving on its own and began filming. He had been wearing them all day and thrown them over the sofa when he took them off. Antony shared the video with Mirror Online, explaining: "I checked for drafts. There were no windows open, no heating on, no fire on. "I was alone in the house. I'd normally be in the pub on a Friday night but I was stone cold sober - normally I'd put it down to too much beer!" "The other leg is exactly the same length and it didn't move."
Antony says he does believe in ghosts and has always had a 'sixth sense', having heard scratching in his home before - but he insists this is the weirdest thing that's ever happened. He added: "As I ask if anyone is there it almost stops moving - it freaked me out!" Did he go to bed with the lights on? Well... "It didn't really scare me know as I do believe in the afterlife," he said, "but I did go to bed shortly after with the side lamp on!"