Sunday, October 16, 2016

Return Of The Black-Eyed Ghost Child? Sinister Clip Emerges From Haunted Woods

Tom Buckmaster spent a spooky night in the infamous Cannock Chase Wood, Staffordshire, last week. It is said to be haunted by all manner of paranormal creatures, including black-eyed children. Legend has it they are apparitions of three children murdered by car mechanic Raymond Leslie Morris in the 1960s. In many cases the children approach people's houses asking entry into their home.If given permission, the spirits cause chaos in the house and settle there as a new resting ground. Speaking about Cannock Chase before the night on documentary Haunted Finder, Tom Buckmaster said: "It is the one of the most haunted places in the world. "Some say it holds a portal to the other side. "There has been so much unusual things sighted there, UFOs, aliens, strange creatures, the black-eyed child. "There has been hundreds and hundreds of these sightings.
"Slenderman has also been seen recently there."Last week, Tom returned to the exact place he caught the black-eyed ghost on film at Castle Ring. It is one year since he saw the spooky spectre. In the new footage, he and the team hear footsteps walking further into the woods and they head off in pursuit. He said: "I heard the same thing when I saw the black-eyed child last year.
"Obviously there have been lots of child spirit sightings here. "We are hearing a lot of weird noises and footsteps around us at the moment, it seems to be whenever we mention the black-eyed child." Suddenly Tom is startled as he hears a "voice" in his ear and the air becomes freezing. He said: "It was like something went down my left ear, it was so clear to me. "There's something circling us, you can feel something walking around. "You can hear it and there's that energy like I am being watched, I don't like it at all." Tom hasn't captured an image of the ghost on video again but he believes he now has more evidence that black-eyed children exist.