Saturday, December 3, 2016

Father Tells Judge His Ex-Wife Is A Witch And Tried To Use Sorcery To Make Their Children Sick

A father has told a court his ex-wife is a witch and used sorcery to make their kids sick, in an attempt to get unsupervised access to them. The African-born preacher, who speaks French, was granted supervised visitation with his three sons for two hours once a month by the Brisbane Magistrates Court. Justice Colin Forrest said he did not believe the man's claims and ordered that he must only speak English the boys during the arranged meetings. The family came to Australia as refugees four years ago, and separated soon after arriving. The ex-wife told the court he physically and sexually assaulted almost on a daily basis since arriving, and even beat the children. In a court affidavit, the man said his ex-wife practiced witchcraft and devil worship and denied he abused his family.
'He said that it is the mother who has caused one of the boys to be shortsighted,' Justice Forrest said in a report on November 11. 'The father actually maintained that the mother, through the use of her witchcraft or sorcery, has deliberately made the children sick,' Justice Forrest said The mother was given sole custody of their three sons. The father has been ordered not to go within 200 metres of his ex-wife's place of work and worship, as well as his sons' schools.