Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nassau County Deputies Investigating 3 Reported Clown Sightings

A local teen said she was chased by a clown outside her friend's home. The Nassau County Sheriff's Office is now investigating it as one of three local incidents as the creepy trend of these encounters explodes across the country. Standing across from a school, peeking through a window and chasing teens -- in the past month, three clowns with similarities to ones that have been creeping around several other states were spotted in Hilliard.
"I'm very scared now. I'm scared to go outside," a teen, who doesn't want to be named, said. The teen said she was on the side of Henry Smith Road with a friend around midnight to get better reception on her phone when an older model blue car drove past them, stopped at the stop sign and then turned back around. "A clown got out and then yelled 'stop' and then we ran for a little bit and jumped my friend's fence," the teen said. She said the clown chased after them, but stopped once they jumped over the fence. "I know he had on an orange wig.
It was like an afro thing and he had on either white or yellow clothing," the teen said. According to an incident report, less than a week later, a clown was seen walking across from Hilliard Middle-Senior High School. "I think it's probably kids playing pranks or somebody out there just watching kids now that can be a little leery," said resident Pete Akers. In the most recent clown sighting, a woman told deputies she was giving her child a bath and looked out the window to find someone in a clown mask and red wig watching her. "That's very scary; it makes no sense. Nowadays, you never know what's going to happen and it's scary," said resident Teresa Libby. Officers went out to the different locations after the clowns were spotted, but never found anyone.