Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I-394 Shooting Victim: 'Satan' Told Her She Was A Threat To Others

Edina Police are revealing new information about Katherine Gordon, the woman shot and killed by a police officer along I-394 last week. The Edina Police Department say they've seen the 57-year-old before, when she came into their police station at the end of July asking to be "locked up." She told them she believed she was a threat to herself or others, that she was suicidal. They released the details in an incident/investigation report this morning. Police say Gordon told them she had just driven up from her home in Altadena, California and was looking for somewhere in Minnesota to live.She told them a "Spirit" inside her, which she thinks is the spirit of the Devil or Satan, told her to go to the police. Police officers took Gordon to Fairview Southdale Hospital, the report states, "for health and safety reasons per her request." Hospital staff told one of the officers they didn't need a "police hold" put on her because of what she told them. The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office is investigating her shooting death on 394 last Thursday, and have not disclosed what led up to the shooting, other than to say that Gordon had a gun.