Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gloucestershire Police Receive 12 UFO Reports

Triangular shapes in the sky, "flying saucers" and red flashing lights are just some of the reports people have made to police about UFOs flying over Gloucestershire. A Freedom of Information request has revealed the constabulary has had 12 official logs about unidentified flying objects from residents in the last two years. Among the calls that came in between April 26, 2008 and August 25 this year, was a sighting of a large yellow and pink disc flying above Cheltenham. Another resident reported 10 UFOs above his house. The officer reported in May 2008: "Caller states that his wife and son saw them too. They made no sound. Seemed to be below cloud level." A Cheltenham resident reported in June 2008 that he saw a "triangular shape in the sky", which he believed to be a spacecraft.In Tewkesbury, in October 2008, a resident phoned police and told them some sort of "influence" had caused his pet dog to run off by itself. Another report in Cheltenham in February 2010, states that a resident "has seen a spaceship really close to the houses". Described as "big with lights all around it and going up in the air. Didn't make any noise." A keen-eyed star-gazer attracted hundreds of people to his YouTube post when he took video footage of a flying object over Cheltenham in February this year.
The video was picked up by the website as an example of a UFO sighting that is not a hoax. Callum Potter, from the Cotswold Astronomical Society, said most astronomers have not come across anything they cannot explain. "Chinese lanterns are a common one. "You do get strange looking things and a lot of satellites move either very quickly or quite slowly, which can be confusing for people," he said. "I have not heard of anyone seeing anything that could reasonably be called a UFO. "But they do have some sort of reasonable explanation." Gloucestershire police does not record how much of officers' time is spent dealing with these sightings.