Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Workers Down Tools At 'Haunted' Museum

Workers renovating an Italian museum have downed tools over claims that the building is haunted. The National Archaeological Museum, in Naples, has now invited paranormal experts from all over the world to get the the bottom of the mystery.Builders, who were working overnight in the museum, claimed that they heard soul-piercing screams, experienced plunging temperatures - and even saw ghosts. The architect responsible for the works, Oreste Albareno, tried to reassure staff by spending a night with them but ended up also being convinced it was haunted, Italian daily Il Mattino reports.
He said: "I have managed to take a photo with my mobile phone - it shows a little girl but there was no little girl on the site. "None of the staff took a daughter with them - it is a secure locked site so there was no way the child could have sneaked in." The experts are now due to arrive in September to investigate.