Saturday, March 13, 2010

'Vampire' Man Creates Bomb Scare

A man who is claiming to be an actual vampire threatened to blow up his arm after taping a fake bomb to it. According to reports, he stirred up downtown Seattle this morning. This begs the question, if he was a vampire why is he out in the morning sun? He also claimed he was a 'Space Cowboy'...whatever that means. Police talked the vampire man into taking off the suspicious wired pipe that looked like a bomb and arrested him. He was locked up for making bomb threats on himself in public. He is very likely to have a mental evaluation.
Thankfully, no one was hurt. The story goes that the man walked into a downtown Seattle shelter and told people that he wanted to eat them for breakfast. He was put outside by the staff at the shelter. Even stranger, people apparently witnessed the man using black duct tape on his body and walking in small circles shouting threats. Police and the SWAT team were able to get him down to the station with little problems, but the damage was done. There were two hour of delays created by this interesting character.