Monday, March 1, 2010

Alleged Bigfoot Sightings Draw Crowd In Ohio Valley Park

In the woods of Salt Fork State Park, sightings of a bipedal creature with long flowing hair have been reported more than once. In fact, believers of Bigfoot said that is where the creature dwells. "For a number of years there's been reports of Bigfoot or a big hairy creature type of thing," said Hal Harper, a manager at the park in Guernsey County. Even the History Channel has spotlighted the park by calling it "a place where eyewitnesses have long told stories of a creature that evokes the fear of a boogeyman." The bipedal creature is also known as the Ohio Grassman and alleged sightings date back decades. Today, so-called "Footers" post their own videos to YouTube and other places online.Even Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb from NBC's Today Show went "footing" in the park in search of a Sasquatch or two. Of the 23,000 acres in the park, most people said they've spotted the creature near the Orange Loop and the White Loop. The last alleged Bigfoot sighting happened on a trail just over a hill about five years ago. A couple said they were having a picnic with their dog when Bigfoot showed up. Harper said, "It followed them. It didn't attack. It just kept the same distance and finally they got too nervous and bolted for the car." Park officials said they have never found any real physical evidence of the creature, but the speculation has put the park in the national spotlight. In addition, the talk has helped tourism since people want to try to see the creature for themselves.