Saturday, February 20, 2010

UFO Seen And Photographed In Budapest, Hungary

An account, along with a photograph of a UFO event that occurred in the skies above Budapest, the capital city of the Central European nation of Hungary, has been doing the rounds of the various related internet forums popular with UFO enthusiasts and researchers. The sighting took place on 4 february at 10:45. The witness, who managed to get a photo of the object, worte in relation to their experience: I was having trouble sleeping and went onto my balcony to get some fresh air when I heard an odd sound. It was like magnetic pulsations rather than a standard engine noise. All the sudden I saw this object, or UFO about 500 meters away. It went silent and hovered for a while. Then the pulsating resumed and the object just disappeared.I managed to get a photo, it is not that great but was the best I could get. I talked to some neighbours in the morning and none of them saw anything at all but they did concede that they heard the odd noise and had problems sleeping. 'I cannot believe myself that with so many events like this happening around the world there are still people that our skeptical about UFOs and alien visitation. I realise that on publicizing my UFO experience people will call me mad and tell me that I imagined the whole thing.'