Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mystery Creature Spotted In Norfolk

Another sighting of a mystery black cat creature has been reported in north Norfolk. Callers have been giving details today of more encounters with panther-type black cats in Norfolk following another recent reported sighting on the north Norfolk coast. Two more people now say they too have seen a mystery creature, with one sighting as recently as Wednesday evening. The first caller, an Aylsham woman, said she spotted a large cat in the grounds of the National Trust’s Felbrigg Hall at about 5pm in late April. The creature was walking through a wooded area and the woman glimpsed it from the car as she and her husband drove along the entrance road to the stately home. “I looked to the left and saw it - it looked so big. It was completely black and it didn’t walk like a dog. I kept my eyes trained to where it should have reappeared, after the next clump of trees, but it didn’t emerge,” she said. The second caller, Sylvia Phillips, of Plumstead Road East, Norwich, said she and her husband were driving from Dereham to Scarning on Wednesday, at about 4.30pm. Just before the church a large, jet-black cat had appeared in the middle of the empty road ahead and “stood there.”“It was pure back with feline features and a long, curved tail - it definitely wasn’t a muntjac. I wish I’d had my camera. It was beautiful,” said Mrs Phillips. After a few seconds the animal had turned and “sauntered” back the way it had come, disappearing into a field. At the end of March north Norfolk was at the centre of a big cat mystery as a number of people reported seeing a black panther or a puma roaming wild at the Bayfield Hall estate, near Holt. Earlier this week a woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she and her friend spotted a “very dark and feline-looking” creature as they were out bird watching on heathland in Salthouse, close to Cookies Crab Shop on May 17. The woman said at first she though it may have been a muntjac or dog on the loose as it was so big, but then realised it was more cat-like. She said as they approached it, the creature disappeared into the heathland. Sightings of big black cats in the wild have been regular occurrences all over Norfolk in recent years. But no conclusive evidence of their existence has yet been produced.