Friday, August 14, 2009

Documentary Maker Looking For Haunted Cars

Just when you thought only homes and properties were haunted - an upcoming documentary sets out to prove that cars can also be haunted. A YouTube video from bandspirits introduces the idea and is seeking haunted automobile stories. If you have a story, call 216.759.8170. Enjoy the short video.
We do know that the my research on the haunted Hinsdale House property, there are stories of a "ghost" car that approaches the property. Stephen King, of course, created the ultimate haunted car story with "Christine," and a second title I cannot recall now that involves a mysterious Buick that a police department keeps under wraps. Anyone know that title? The photo with this story is a 1940s Desota housed at Chicago's Navy Pier. A sign alongside tells a horrible tale of a young couple in Bermuda who got married, and following their reception, decided to catch the last ferry departing that night - but something went very, very wrong - and the car - and bodies - were found at the bottom of the ocean. Rumor has it the car's brake lines were cut. I'd say it's the perfect candidate for a haunted car.