Monday, August 3, 2009

African sorcerer caught

An “African sorcerer” was ambushed and caught on Sunday, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice announced. The commission said in a statement that members of the Al-Siddiq branch in Jeddah caught the man exploiting the superstitions of a woman after her brother called them. The woman was duped into believing that the man could cast magical spells to get her husband to come back to her after he married a second woman and went to live with her.Narrating the details of the incident, the spokesman of the commission in Makkah province Salim Al-Sarwani said that the sorcerer asked the family to prepare the setting for him at their home so as to come and do the needful checks prior to completing the job. The man asked for SR2,000 to undo the magic the new wife had cast on the husband. Al-Sarwani also said an Asian sorcerer was caught in Makkah while practicing black magic. He did not reveal the name of the sorcerer but said he is an employee of a private company and he has made more than SR250,000 from his confidence racket.