Thursday, July 23, 2009

DCP Goes Ghost Hunting

"It’s just nonsense. It’s my regular visit. I requested for a change and my higher ups permitted me. There is no question of me hunting the ghost and spending the whole night in the High Court corridors. I’m just discharging my duty as a night patrolling cop. There’s nothing special about it."

This is how Deputy Commissioner of Police (Vidhana Soudha Security) Kumaraswamy reacted when asked to comment on his ‘ghost hunting trip’ to the High Court on Wednesday night. A section of the media had reported about a “ghost” menace in and around the HC premises. Some people had claimed that they spotted a woman in white attire making strange sounds and wandering in the HC corridors. It is also said that some of the hotel workers in the HC premises fell sick recently due to ghost menace.After a lot of speculations and rumours, the DCP decided to visit the HC corridors during late in the night during Amavasya Day (Wednesday). When asked, Kumaraswamy said he was curious after hearing such stories and decided to visit the HC corridors. He obtained permission from the higher ups to visit all the corridors, he said.