Monday, July 20, 2009

Boulder Garage Burned To `Kill Satan'

Investigators say an ax-wielding man arrested near a garage fire told an officer that he set the blaze because he thought Satan was inside. Forty-eight-year-old Gary Lee Shestak of Boulder is being investigated for the fire at a detached garage early Friday and another blaze July 12 at the same building that also damaged another structure.Shestak approached a police detective and a fire marshal at the scene with an ax with the blade pointed outward. The detective, a 12-year veteran, drew his gun and was able to subdue Shestak without harm. Boulder police say Shestak asked for help killing Satan, who he believed was inside the garage. A number listed for Shestak, who faces a felony menacing charge, was disconnected. It was unclear whether he had an attorney.