Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Alabama Residents Spot Large Creature

Alabama residents reportedly spotted what seemed to be a gorilla over the weekend in Newbern, Hale County. The county sheriff's office believes they are searching for at least one gorilla in the area, but could it be more than just a large primate? The authorities are searching for the animal after two sightings. ABC news reports that one sighting was made by a child, while the second sighting was reported as a possible bear. Authorities checked with the Birmingham Zoo, which is located approximately 10 miles away, for an escaped Gorilla. The Birmingham Zoo told ABC News that their only gorilla, 16-year-old Cenzoo, is currently safe within the Zoo. With no home video or surveillance footage confirming the giant animal to be a gorilla, is it possible that Bigfoot or Sasquatch could be roaming the state of Alabama?Bigfoot, whose existence was confirmed in 1902, has been rumored to reside in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, but since 1958, Bigfoot sightings have occurred in the state of Alabama. Last year the state had two Bigfoot sightings. A witness told the Birmingham Free Press that the "beast" was "very large, thick shouldered and tall. At least seven feet tall ... [and] very dark brown." The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has said that there have been over 60 Bigfoot sightings in the state since 1980. According to the Birmingham Free Press there have been over 3,700 sightings nationally in the same time period. Hale County Sheriff's office has yet to discover the gorilla or possible Bigfoot, but is slated to be releasing a statement soon.