Sunday, January 3, 2010

Psychic Predictions For 2010

Those who claim to see beyond the veil of space and time are predicting more bad news for 2010. A Toronto psychic known as Nikki has already made headlines and raised eyebrows with her prediction of the possible assassination - or attempted assassination - of President Obama in 2010. Nikki claims to have successfully predicted the death of Michael Jackson and the September 11 attacks. Other predictions from Nikki for 2010: Sarah Palin will pose nude and giant bats will attack a South American city. Psychic heavyweight Sylvia Browne also predicts a presidential assassination involving a complicated scenario designed to "damage the American people’s faith in their government" as if such a thing was possible.She hedges her bets by noting that it may not happen this year. Sometime between now and 2020, she says. This prediction should be safely forgotten by the end of the decade. The “channeler, spiritual teacher and spiritual healer” Oneesha of Las Cruces, NM, sees war between Israel and Iran and an attack “from within” on the United States. St. Paul's Fatima takes a safe bet and predicts "more wars." She's probably right on that one. Even Indian fortune tellers are predicting a rough row to hoe in the upcoming year though there may be some improvement in the second six months. Not all the psychics are doom and gloom. Barbara Soblewski Garcia sees a period of strong economic growth in real estate and the stock market, which will be nice. If we can avoid the giant bats.