Wednesday, December 9, 2009

‘Witch-Doctor’ From Africa Casts Spell On Individuals, Steals Their Cash, Kind

Police are looking for an unidentified person believed to be African man who is robbing people using his magic power, reports Al-Dar daily. It has been reported several complaints have already been filed by the victims with the police. One Iranian man told the Shuwaikh Industrial Area police a tall African man visited him in his garage and began talking to him in a strange language much above his voice.The man said he felt he was frozen and when he came to his senses he realized the man had disappeared and he had given him all his money. According to the daily, two similar complaints have been filed with the police. In one complaint a Syrian man said the man matching the same description robbed him of KD 450 and a Lebanese woman working for an insurance company lost all her money, driving license and credit card in a similar manner.