Monday, November 16, 2009

Oliver Cromwell's Ghost Spotted At Hertford Hotel

Puritanical poltergeist activity has taken place at a Hertford hotel according to a ghost hunter's website. For the spectre of England's late Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell, has been haunting The Salisbury Arms Hotel. The Fore Street hostelry, formerly known as The Bell, is home to a host of ghosts according to the site which recounts details of a terrifying encounter.The report, posted on November 11, says: "Once, when the cleaners were working on the first floor, a middle-aged man dressed in black crossed the corridor and walked into the room where a hotplate was kept. He was seen by a cleaner who thought he may be a lost guest and went to assist him. But no assistance could be offered as the room was empty and there were no other exits. The ghost is believed by some to be Oliver Cromwell." The account adds: "There are many features on the inside including exposed beams and a Jacobean staircase. Oliver Cromwell stayed here overnight in 1647 before reviewing his troops nearby.