Friday, October 23, 2009

Cat-Girl Baffles Doctors

Doctors in China are reportedly baffled after thick grey hair started growing uncontrollably over the body of a six-year-old girl, who has been dubbed "cat girl". The hair has spread over Li Xiaoyuan's back and has started growing on her arms and face. The hair had been confined to a mole on her back, but in recent months spread rapidly. "The poor girl - it breaks our hearts to see her suffer like this," said mother Li Jiang, of Fengkai in southern China."Doctors told us it was just a birthmark even when it started spreading but now it covers half her body," her father Li Yan told reporters. "None of the other children want to play with her. They are calling her cat girl and are really mean." Surgeon Lou Zhongquan of Zhaoqing City Dermatological Hospital said Li Xiaoyuan was most likely suffering from a rare disease in which normal moles spread out of control. "If they were smaller we could use laser treatment but even if we removed these with surgery there is a very strong chance of post surgery haemorrhage," he told reporters.