Monday, September 28, 2009

For The Vampire On The Go, Blood Energy Drink Hits!

Has this vampire trend gone a little overboard or is this the normalcy now? Not only do we have True Blood to drink, there is now a new energy drink called Blood Energy Potion. True Blood is a carbonated slightly tart, lightly sweet, blood-orange drink that is sold by four packs for $16. And it's also a preferred drink of Bill Compton. This item will be available to ship on October 7th.From the makers of Mana and Health Energy Potion, the new Blood Energy Potion is described as a sweet fruit punch drink that has a similar nutritional make up as real blood with the same blood consistency but not the same blood taste and also claims to give you 4 hours of enery. Oh, and you get to drink it from your own re-sealable IV transfusion bag! Individually these little bags will cost you $5.99 each, but you can buy a 48 pack for $191.92. Unfortunately, you can't get these yet. They won't be available until January 2010. True Blood 4 packBoth of these items would be great for Halloween parties, but do you think there will be a big demand for them otherwise?