Sunday, June 21, 2009

Charity Night In Haunted House Turns Wrexham Friends Into Ghost Believers

Hour upon hour of ghostly goings on proved very successful in raising hundreds of pounds for the special baby care unit at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. A group of friends from the Wrexham area – Claire Westhead, Kurtis Baines, Michael Griffiths and Leanne Westhead – decided to stay overnight at Plas Teg, near Mold, which has a reputation as one of the most haunted buildings in Wales, and were sponsored by friends and family to the tune of £383. They said their time spent at the imposing country house was a very spooky occasion with several incidents taking place. "During the time there we did a number of different things, including table-tipping. That is when four people gently place their hands on a table," said Claire. "If there are any spirits present they are asked by the medium to help lift the table on to two legs, then eventually onto one, and are asked to move the table around the room – which to our amazement they did. "The table was bouncing around the room on one leg. We thought it was the medium pushing it, but he asked someone else to go in his place to prove he wasn't doing anything, and the table continued to bounce." Claire said the friends then went on to a different room where they had the opportunity to use a message board. "During the time we were on it, Kurtis' friend's nana came through and spelt out her name, her grandson's name and her daughter's name. We were all amazed. "Seconds later my grandad came through. He even knew about a tattoo which my cousin has had on her wrist in remembrance of him and knew about my daughter Darcie, who was born after my grandad had passed away."It was really weird but amazing at the same time. It was as if we were in a dream, as it all seemed too hard to believe what was going on was real." Claire said that Leanne experienced a sensation of somebody blowing on her face in one room, and Kurtis felt he was being touched on the back of his neck. "While we were on the message board a spirit from the house came through, a little boy named Jack who was seven years old. He said it was him who helped us tip the table in the previous room. We asked if it was him who kept touching Kurtis' neck and the glass went straight to yes. It then spelt out fun games. "Kurtis came off the message board to let someone else have ago. When another member of the group put their finger on the glass it just stopped moving. We asked questions and waited a few minutes, but nothing, so the medium asked Kurtis to go back on it. "As soon as Kurtis went back the glass started moving again. We asked if it was Jack that was still with us and it went to yes. We asked if he liked Kurtis and he said yes, because he reminded him of himself. We asked Jack why and he spelt out the word fun. It was really creepy. "The medium then closed down the table to all spirits and we went to explore the rest of the mansion where we saw a number of orbs, and felt coldspots in different rooms. "None of us believed in ghosts before, but after visiting Plas Teg for the night all of us have said that we take back everything we ever said about ghosts not being real."